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Know Your Rights Experience Matters

Kentucky and Indiana Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Lawyer Patrick J. Renn knows the law and is prepared to put his many years of experience to work for you. Often court cases hinge on very small details that can be missed to the detriment of your case. Patrick J. Renn has been practicing for over 20 years and is committed to providing clients with an exceptional level of service. Patrick J. Renn will provide you with aggressive representation and unwavering commitment to seek an effective resolution regarding your criminal case, auto accident, slip and fall, wrongful death, medical malpractice and all other personal injuries.

Please contact Patrick J. Renn for an experienced personal injury attorney or criminal defense lawyer who understands the issues and knows your rights!

Personal Injury

Every Personal Injury case is a new, unique challenge to a seasoned Personal Injury Lawyer and it is important to aggressively present all available defenses. Protecting and advancing the legal rights guaranteed to an accused by the state and federal constitution is imperative, and Patrick J. Renn will strive to obtain the very best outcome for you in each case.

Criminal Defense

Being represented by a skilled, aggressive Criminal Lawyer is the single most useful step you can take when you’ve been accused of a crime. Patrick J. Renn is highly knowledgeable in Criminal Law with 20 years of trial and plea negotiation experience working in clients’ favor.